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Charlevoix Yoga

Charlevoix Circle of Arts

Fall Schedule

Gentle Yoga ~ Wednesdays

10:00am for 6 weeks:

September 25 

and October 2-30


Hatha Yoga ~ Tuesdays
5:30pm for 6 weeks: 

September 24

and October 1-29

4 classes $52 ($13 per class)
6 classes $72 ($12 per class)
One Drop in class $15

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Gentle Yoga 
This yoga practice is slow and mindful.
We focus on releasing tension, connecting with the breath, and building strength, balance and flexibility. Gentle yoga uses classical yoga postures with slight variations to accommodate all levels of yoga students. This class will also offer poses and practices that promote relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. Physically you will feel much better throughout the day. Mentally and emotionally, you will experience more peace and share that with others, cultivating a peaceful world around you. This is yoga. 

Hatha Yoga
Learn and practice the principles of yoga asana including postures, breathing practices and meditation techniques for improved health, focus, vitality and daily living. The physical poses to be explored in this class will be for those ready to stay strong, flexible and balanced. Prior experience not required but an open mind and a body ready to move will be helpful.